Semalt: Scraping Dynamic Websites With Web Scraper Chrome Extension

Web Scraper is a Google Chrome browser plugin built to extract data from sites and web pages. Using chrome extension web scraper, you can create a sitemap on how a web page or a website should be retrieved. With your sitemap, web scraper navigates a web page and scrapes all relevant data as instructed.

Advantages of Web Scraper Chrome plugin

Data obtained using chrome extension web scraper gets exported as Comma-separated values (CSV) file. Web scraper is a point-and-click scraper plugin that can be used by anyone. Thus you can save both your money and time and at the same time retrieve valuable information across the web.

The web is full of useful and valuable data. However, getting the data in usable and readable formats is always not that easy. This is why you need chrome extension web scraper. Public records, directories, competitive inventory, and user reviews can be turned into valuable data. With Web Scraper, all this data can be scraped and saved comfortably.

Common issues affecting web scrapers

  • Uncaught error: Syntax error
  • Click lacking effect on a button
  • Plugin hanging after encountering a broken image
  • Problem scraping a page
  • Incomplete URL for a popup link

Web Scraper: The Problem Solver

Web scraper is high-quality and easy-to-use scraping software. To extract data from web pages and websites, you have to select the target-text while web scraper does the rest of the work. Since web scraper is automated in the cloud, you don't have to worry about scraping errors or other issues.

With web scraper, the results you require are quickly driven into a CSV file. In case you prefer to store the data in Couch DB or Chrome's local storage. No need to panic because you are not a programmer. If you can use Google Chrome browser, you can use chrome extension web scraper.

If your next solution was to hire an army of interns to scrape the data for you all day long, a cost-effective solution has just knocked on your door. With web scraper, you don't need programmers to develop a backup solution for your data. All the data extraction process will be done for you. Download and install web scraper for free at Google Chrome web store.

Web Scraper plugin features

Web Scraper has inbuilt elements that contribute towards the process of your scraping projects. Here are key features you should know about:

  • Compatible with Chrome browser

Web Scraper is a Chrome plugin that extracts data according to a sitemap. With this extension, you can run single or multiple ratings or scrape large sets of data through a set schedule.

  • Exporting extracted data as CSV

This chrome's plugin exports scraped data as Comma-separated Values. However, you can also store the extracted data as in CouchDB or Chrome's local storage.

  • Scraping data from dynamic sites and pages

The web is packed with valuable data. However, scraping dynamic sites and pages loading with AJAX and JavaScript is not straightforward. With chrome extension web scraper, extracting data from dynamic web pages should not trouble you.

Using Web Scraper plugin, you can build up a sitemap that identifies the target-text on a web page. Take your scraping experience to another level by installing Web Scraper on your Google Chrome browser!